The Friedländer Schule offers you a German course on the Internet. It is an entry-level course designed for beginners and also for people who want to refresh and improve their knowledge of the language.

With the help of our Internet course you can acquire the “Zertifikat Deutsch” which attests to a specific level in
German grammar
reading comprehension
written German
listening comprehension.

If you would like to learn German on your own then you can do this best of all with our Internet German course. There is no set class time, no language school to attend, and no other participants. You can decide the pace at which you wish to learn yourself. It is up to you when you learn and how long you wish to take. We recommend regular work on the lessons. Remember that long breaks between studying can result in loss of knowledge. It nevertheless remains your decision whether you wish to achieve your target quickly or slowly. We consider it reasonable to plan for 7 to 9 months of study.

The Internet German course has one other special advantage: you avoid the expense of studying abroad.

The Internet German course has several aims. With it you will be able to prepare yourself for a stay in a German-speaking country, for example if you would like to study at a German university. By means of the Internet German course you will acquire the required level of spoken German sufficient for a course of study at a German university. Moreover, our Internet German course is particularly suited for those preparing for employment in a German-speaking country. Naturally, via our Internet German course you will also learn a great deal about the culture and customs of our country.

In order to make the learning process effective, we will guide you and support you throughout the period of study. Your guides are highly qualified and experienced mother-tongue teachers of German as a Foreign Language. All the exercises you have worked through in each lesson you will send back to the Friedländer Schule by email. Your personal teacher will check through them, correct any errors, give you advice about future course material, and return the exercises to you – all by email.

The Friedländer Schule Internet German course consists of 3 parts: each part is comprised of 10 lessons with texts, dialogues, Grammatical and vocabulary explanations, with 438 exercises and many concrete tasks. The vocabulary consists of 2000 words with which many other words can be formed. The texts and dialogues are designed to be communicative, topical, problem solving and also humorous. Instead of making the learning process stressful, they are meant to make it entertaining.

The cost of the Internet German course is 600 Euros, which is to be paid in advance. It is also possible to pay for the course in 3 instalments of 210 Euros to be paid prior to the commencement of each of the 3 course parts.

You will need a bilingual dictionary for the course: German and your mother language. For the grammatical classifications we use the common international terms, added to which we will give explanations. For the grammar explanations and the exercise instructions you can choose a preferred language: at present those available are English, French, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

Your contact persons are:

Frau Klaudia Pozsgai
MA in Psychology
Member of the staff management team
Responsible for the organisation and administration of the Internet course

Frau Dolores Gerdes
MA in German
Head of the teaching team
Responsible staff member for the training of teachers in the subject German as a Foreign Language
Responsible for questions regarding the content of the Internet course

If you have decided to do the Internet German course, fill out the enrolment form and send it to the Friedländer-Schule. Within two working days you will receive our answer with information about your registration and the course dates.

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